Sunday, July 20, 2014

52 Weeks: 20/52

52 Weeks: One photo a week, every week, for a year.

These lilies come up in our yard every year and they're so pretty. I took some of the seeds that are on their stems last year and planted them in another area of our yard and now they're growing there too, which is awesome. Although these flowers are beautiful, the one thing to be careful about is your cats eating them (if you have any). Apparently they are quite dangerous to cats, making them really sick if they're eaten and possibly causing kidney failure (I've read about this and my Vet told us about it a few years back). Scary! Luckily our cats don't seem at all interested in them when we go outside, but I do watch closely to make sure they stay far away from them.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To: Mod Podge Coasters

I wanted to try customizing some old coasters I had for a while now. I remembered I had some old fabric scraps laying around and thought it might be neat to try mod podging fabric to the coasters (because I loved the prints on the fabric). So, I made some coasters using this fabric and I also used paper for one just to try it out. Both worked very well!

Mod Podge
fabric (or paper)*

* You can also use patterned paper, decorative paper or images you print from the computer to put onto your coaster. I made some patterns on the computer and printed them. I actually only made 1 coaster with paper, the rest with fabric, but if you don't have or want to use fabric, paper works good too!

1. Use a piece of chalk and outline your coaster on your fabric or paper. You can probably use a pencil as well, just don't use something like a marker as it will show through to the other side of your fabric (unless you want to have to carefully cut off the marks, this is just easier).

2. Cut out your circle using your scissors. If you're going to try this with fabric, make sure you have pretty sharp scissors. If there is a little extra fabric showing over the edges of your coaster, that's fine, we'll cut that off later.

3. Dip your brush into the Mod Podge and coat the top of the coaster with it. Use a generous amount, but you don't want it to be clumpy.

4. Firmly press your piece of fabric onto the Mod Podge and smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. Run your fingers over the fabric a few times to make sure the fabric is really stuck on. Flip the coaster over now, so the side you just pressed the fabric onto is laying down flat. Cover the bottom of your coaster in Mod Podge as well. Now wait for it to dry. If you're going to make numerous coasters, I'd suggest going back to the beginning and starting your next one while this one dries.

5. Once dry, if you have any extra fabric sticking out over the edges of the actual coaster, go ahead and cut that off now.

6. Now we're going to coat the top of the fabric (and I suddenly switched to showing a coaster I used paper on instead of fabric, I forgot to take a photo of the fabric one for that step, oops). Coat the top of your fabric (or paper) with Mod Podge. Use a few coats and make sure you don't accidentally paint in 300 cat hairs while you're at it. Now let it dry and you're done!

These were the four I ended up making. The ghetto blaster/cassette tapes, mushrooms and elephants ones are all fabric. The black and white chevron pattern one is paper. I made the pattern on my computer and printed it off for this.

This is just a totally random set of coasters, but I love them. I want to try making other sets, like movie or music themed one (Nirvana or 80s movies for example), I think that would be awesome. I haven't been able to find any good, cheap, coasters to Mod Podge though. I've only looked at Dollarama and Walmart so far, but haven't found anything. Perhaps Michael's will have something? The coasters I used for this were just some old ones I found around the house from who knows when.

Anyways, have fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

52 Weeks: 19/52

52 Weeks: One photo a week, every week, for a year.

I finally got a picture of that little bunny that's been hanging out in our yard lately. I kept seeing her through the kitchen window in the mornings but was never able to get a good picture because it was too dark outside and I was too lazy to grab my tripod and if I tried going outside, I'd scare her off. So, earlier this week Aaron and I went outside with the cats and I happened to notice her sitting in the yard. She actually let me get really close to her to take pictures and didn't run off. Yeah, I got pretty excited, as I do with these sorts of things. 

It's a little hard to tell how small she is from this picture, but she is like fit in the palm of your hand small. I took this other further away picture so you can get a sense of scale. She's kind of stretched out in that picture sniffing around for food or something. So cute! I love our yard and all the animals in it, it makes me happy.

Anyways, I've been feeling sick the last few days, which has put a huge damper on my weekend. Ugh. Hopefully today is a little better than the last few haven been.

Have a good one!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Flashback Friday: Little Miss Lonelyhearts

Our dear friend (and bassist) Steve recorded this jam of us playing a song called Little Miss Lonelyhearts when he was here back in March. This is actually a super old song of ours, we've never fully recorded it but we always jam it. Steve is our bassist, but he moved to Thailand last year so we obviously can't jam with him regularly anymore. When he comes back home, we jam as much as we can together and it's always awesome. 

When he was here in March, we had lots of fun playing with him again. It was just like old times. Steve hadn't played with us for nearly a year but he pulled the old wing and rip and rocked it. This video is so funny... Aaron's reaction at the end of it. Classic! I can't tell you how many times this has happened to us while jamming. Something wasn't plugged in properly or play wasn't pressed and the jam didn't tape... and always when we rock the shit out of the song too. Luckily Steve recorded this with his phone, despite Aaron fucking something up with his recording system. Hah. Love it.

Enoy your weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home: Our Office

I mentioned somewhat recently how I was changing our office room around... and when I say recent, I mean over 2 months ago. Yep, it's been slow going around here. A couple years ago we changed our our bedroom with our office and it's been awesome. It's so much better having the bigger room as our office seeing as we spend most of our time in it.

I've been wanting to buy an actual couch for our office for the longest time. We used to have a futon but it was so uncomfortable. It was like sitting on a slab of concrete so I got rid of it. We didn't have any couch for so long. I had been eyeing this couch from Ikea for a really long time. I went over ideas in my head of how to switch the room around in order to make the couch fit and all the rest of the furniture we had and it just wasn't going to happen. I couldn't make it all fit! I was actually going to give up on this couch because I just didn't think it could work in this room. This is what our office used to look like:

That area in the middle of our desks, that was "the couch" area before. I had a coffee table there with a blanket on it. Yes, keeping shit real. Seriously though, I just wanted somewhere to sit if we had company... and yes, people did sit on that thing.

I finally worked out a way to make the dream couch fit. I actually had to move a few pieces of furniture out of the room to make this happen, but I found other spots for everything and organized both rooms and closets in the process. Everything used to be so unorganized, craft supplies all over the place, books, writing supplies, all my sheets were tucked away in some drawers in the back of our bedroom closet. It wasn't good. Now that it's all organized, it's so much better. One thing at a time in this house! Soon I'll be able to have it all organized the way I like. Anyways, I love our new couch and office, it's perfect.

The office as a whole still needs some work, but it'll get there eventually. I'd like to put some pictures up on the wall and we're getting some new curtains. Aaron's mom sent me that Australian flag recently so I just put it up against the window for now. The cats also love the new couch. Hobbes has a bunch of spots on it she likes sleeping in and they both love sleeping in between the cushions where there is a bit of a dip.

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

52 Weeks: 18/52

52 Weeks: One photo a week, every week, for a year.

Hobbes and Madison never cuddle up or sleep together. They tolerate eachother but aren't really BFF. Madison always bugs Hobbes. The cat I had before Madison, her and Hobbes were close. They would sleep and curl up together, it was adorable. Anyways, this week Hobbes and Madison have been sleeping closer together than ever before. It's happened twice this week already. Once in the photo above - I know they aren't fully curled up together, but this is a huge step for them. They do not sleep even close to eachother, ever. Hobbes actually reached out to Madison just after I snapped that shot and then Madison reached back out to her. Then it happened a second time and they were actual bum hitters. Yes, they were hitting bums. So cute. I hope I find them curled up together one day, that's the dream.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our Garden

I've been meaning to post some pictures of our garden. I love planting and maintaining a garden each year. Watching everything grow and being able to just step outside and grab some fresh herbs and vegetables is the best.  I've been taking pictures of the garden since we planted it, so I'll share some photos from when we first planted and some more recent ones as it's been growing.

We planted our garden at the end of May and everything is coming along nicely. This is how we have most of our garden set up - next to our driveway and in barrels and pots. This set up is perfect because we can place everything in a spot that has the most sun.

I grew basil for the first time last year and fell in love with it. My favorite thing to do with it is make fresh pesto sauce. So this year when I was out buying plants for the garden, I bought so many basil plants. I went a little overboard but I figure I can make a lot of pesto, try freezing the herbs and pesto or share with my friends. It's all good, I'd rather have too much than not enough!

Another thing I'm super excited to grow this year is kale. Aaron and I eat kale regularly and I love making kale chips. Kale chips with Frank's Red Hot sauce is the best. It's coming along quite nicely! The kale in the barrel is planted from seed, while that last picture I have of the kale that looks more fully grown, I bought that from a nursery and it was already started.

We planted a raspberry bush last year and got a little bit from it, but not really that much. I think it takes a few years to really get built up. Anyways, this year it has already started to spread. Last year, it was one little plant and this year there is already a few more from the seeds dropping off last year. I think we're going to try and make a full line of raspberry bushes against our garage.

I also tried planting catnip this year. I've never tried that before and not sure exactly how it works. Once I pick it, I'm going to have to dry it out. Hopefully the cats like it! This plant has spread like crazy already.

We've also tried some carrots, onions, tomatoes and yellow beans. Tomatoes always do well. We planted a bunch of cherry tomatoes and regular ones. Some are in pots and some are up against the garage. I really love fresh yellow beans too, they taste so good.

I've also planted a bunch of herbs. Lots of different varieties of basil, as I mentioned. As well as cilantro, dill, oregano, and peppermint. There might be more, I can't even remember right now. A lot of those plants are different types of basil.

We also planted some cucumbers, which I forgot to take pictures of. I didn't bother with some plants this year such as: red and green bell peppers, brussel sprouts and broccoli as we didn't have much luck with them last year. I tried a few new things and stuck with others that I knew grew well in the past.

Our yard is also filled with pretty flowers and I tried planting some lavendar. I like the smell of it and I've read online that it may help with migraines. Not so sure if that works or not, but I'm willing to give it a try! I get really bad migraines so anything to ease that pain is worth a shot.

Enjoy the day!