Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remember This?

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Slip 'n Slide
I used to have a slip 'n slide and I remember having lots of fun with it but looking back it does seem a little scary. I mean c'mon, sliding on a sheet of plastic on your lawn... what about rocks?! What if you slide over some pointy rock? This is what I constantly envision in my head now with this thing: sliding over rocks. I guess that never really happened... to me anyways. I think I'd be traumatized to some degree and I only have fond memories of the slip 'n slide. I read on wikipedia that between 1973 and 1991, 7 adults and 1 teenager got hurt while using the slip 'n slide. Some even included getting paralyzed! Crazy.  

WARNING: May cause broken neck... and beware of rocks.

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Frog Bog for Intellivision
Those graphics alone should rock your world. Seriously though, such an old school game. My dad had an Intellivision and a ton of games so we definitely played them a lot when I was a kid. This game is one that sticks out to me for some reason. Even though the entire game all you do is jump from lily pad to lily pad trying to catch bugs before night comes, you fall asleep and the game ends... it was still a game I always wanted to play. Aah, good times.

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You Can't Do That on Television
I used to love this show so much! It's a Canadian show and one of the main things I remember from it is the cast getting shit dumped on them (not literally) throughout the skits. If someone said the word "water", they would get water dumped on them. If they said "I don't know", they'd get the slime. The whole show was just random acted out sketches and Alanis Morissette was even in this show for a little while. Pretty neat!

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The Flowbee

Tagline: "The results are a refreshing vacuum haircut"

Ok, I want to start by saying I have never owned or used this machine but I remember seeing commercials for it and thinking this can't be real. Well, it is. It's a personal home haircutting system. Seriously, it's a vacuum you put on your head and it apparently leaves with you an awesome haircut. I kind of want to try one just to see if it works and so I can say I have used a Flowbee. I wouldn't want to try it on my hair though, I'd definitely need a guinea pig. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller...


New Kids On The Block Dolls
I had every single one of these dolls. I'll admit it. I was a huge fan of the New Kids back in the 90s. I do still occasionally throw on an old 90s NKOTB hit for when I'm feeling like a dose of nostalgia (and possibly when I'm slightly intoxicated). I had every one of these dolls and used to play with them and my Barbies. They were Barbie's boyfriends. Yep. And you know who was my fave? Jon. I loved him so much. Was I the only one? It seems like every other friend of mine liked the other guys (except for Danny, no one really seemed to like him either... poor Danny) but I was a Jon girl.

Thrills Gum
This stuff still exists! I found a pack somewhere recently, I can't remember where. I'm getting a Dollarama vibe but I can't say forsure it was there. Anyways, does anyone else remember this stuff? My mom used to chew this in the 80s/90s and I distinctly remember this gum as a kid. It totally tasted like soap but for some reason we still chewed it. It even says on the pack "it still tastes like soap", that just rocks.

Aah, sweet, sweet memories! Have an awesome day. :)

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